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OUR Teas

• No preservatives
• No colourants
• No caffeine
• No kilojoules

Rooibos or "red bush" grows only in the harsh Cederberg area of South Africa  where the summers are hot and dry, and the winters icy. The dried needle-like leaves of the Aspalathus linearis, are harvested by hand and left to dry in the sun which starts the process of oxidisation which gives the tea its natural amber colour. Rooibos belongs to the Legume family and is therefore considered more of a herbal drink than a tea.

Honeybush grows only in small pockets of the  southwest and southeast of South Africa and has a similar taste to Rooibos Tea but is sweeter. Derived from the Cyclopia genus there are  dozens of species of Honeybush Tea found in the wild, of which only four or five are commonly used. It gets its name from its sweet-scented yellow flowers.


Preparation: Both Rooibos and honeybush are prepared the same way as black tea, where boiled water is added to brew the leaves. Honeybush takes a little longer to steep than conventional tea or rooibos, so leave the bag{s) in the water for a minute or two longer. You can drink the tea straight, with lemon, milk, sugar or honey, or even try them as iced teas.

Rooibos Tea
Green Rooibos Tea
Honeybush Tea

The needle leaves of this herbal tea are cut, bruised and naturally air dried in the sun. The people of South Africa have been drinking rooibos for hundreds of years (perhaps thousands) and today's preparation process is similar to
that used for generations.

Green Rooibos or unfermented rooibos, is a lighter colour, with a milder taste. The leaves are harvested the same way as traditional rooibos but instead of being fermented they are left to dry in their natural state.

Honeybush tea is made from a plant with beautiful, richly-scented yellow flowers that grows only in the valleys of the Cape Floral Kingdom. It has a mildly sweet aroma and taste, somewhat like honey.

  • Where is Wild and Ancient tea sourced?
    All our tea is grown, cured and packed in South Africa. Our Rooibos comes from the organice farms of the Cederberg and Honeybush grows wild in the veld in the Southern Cape. All tea is harvested by hand.
  • Why is Wild and Ancient Tea special?
    All W&A tea is sourced from plants grown in a sustaibable way - whether cultivated on organic farms or picked from the wild. Only the best Supergrade A tea is used for our giftpacks.
  • How long will the tea last?
    Our tea is sealed in foil and has a shelf-life of three years.
  • Are any flavourants or preservatives added?
    Absolutely nothing is added to our natural tea - which is also caffeine free and very low in tannins.

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